In the last few months of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram feeds, you may have noticed a rise in popularity of artists uploading their works as time lapse videos.

The viral videos are created by the artist filming themselves drawing or painting a piece, however long it may take, and speeding it up to condense the process down to a couple of minutes, allowing viewers to witness the many layers that go into creating such stunning artworks.

They are additively mesmerising to watch, despite leaving one feeling considerably untalented artistically.

Here are 6 of my favourites:


Marcel Witte – Making of Gracious


Tim Gagnon – Stonehenge


Jasmina Susak – Spider-Man 3D


Marcello Barenghi – A Bottle of Oddka Vodka


Tim Gagnon – The Misty Forest


Sophia Rose – Zentangle Doodle


Incredible, right?!

If you’ve watched an awesome time lapse drawing or painting video, share it with me in the comments below!