We’ve all grown up watching her on Play School and Better Homes And Gardens, and now one of Australia’s most loved television icons, Noni Hazelhurst, has called-out sexism, racism and negativity in the television industry during her Logies Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

On Sunday night, the 62 year old became the second woman ever to be inducted into the Logie’s Hall Of Fame, telling TV Week that there’s many equally deserving women who should have been acknowledged.

“I fear that our hearts are growing cold. The fact that I’m only the second women to be given this honour is merely a reflection of the prevailing zeitgeist,”

Reminiscing on her childhood, the many roles she’s played (and many more she turned down), she also spoke about her time presenting on Play School, a popular children’s television programme.

“I started to see the world through preschoolers’ eyes, to see how free and unafraid they are, to just be. They haven’t yet been conditioned.

But also how easily frightened and overwhelmed they are, how easily abused, and particularly how empathetic they are. No child is born a bigot.”

Hazlehurst & the Playschool Team (Source: news.com.au)

The longer her speech went on, the quicker she began trending on social media, and messages of praise came flooding in from all over the country; author Jane Caro tweeted “Noni Hazlehurst is making a terrific speech, including a great shout out about feminism & diversity.”





Encouraging people to find strength in vulnerability, Hazlehurst continued, calling for a television program or channel which featured stories to inspire and teach children that good things are happening in the world, despite the portrayed negativity.

“Things are changing. They are changing glacially slowly. The great thing about glaciers, is that if you’re not on them, you go under. I have been riding that glacier for 40 years and I am staying on top of it.”

And just to top it all off, her thoughts on being unique were Instagram-caption worthy;

“Graham Blundell once wrote about me … ‘No-one does ordinary and vulnerable like Noni Hazlehurst’.

“But then I thought it’s okay, because in fact we’re all vulnerable and we’re all ordinary. Although, a lot of our energy is spent trying to prove the opposite.”

Watch the incredible full speech below:

Source: tumblr.com