The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for heavy rainfall, strong winds, abnormally high tides and damaging surf this weekend throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

The last time an East Coast Low hit the Coast was April 2015 causing flash flooding, widespread blackouts, and tens of millions of dollars in damage.

Severe Storm Continues To Lash New South Wales
A boat is washed up on the Gosford Waterfront on the Central Coast on April 22, 2015 (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

With flash flooding and widespread blackouts a potential factor, one of the many challenges that come with no electricity is boredom.

The swell is predicted to reach 12 foot, which means coastal activities such as surfing rock fishing and swimming are completely off limits.

After you use up whatever battery power is left in your laptop/iPod/Nintendo DS, then what? No internet? No sunshine? What if the power is out for days?! How on earth are you going to occupy yourself?!

Play a Board Game

Every house in Australia has that abandoned cupboard in their spare room full of board games. And if you don’t, your neighbour will. Crack out the camping oven, make some hot chocolates and try to remember a time when World of Warcraft and The Sims didn’t exist.

 Cook All That Defrosting Food

Is your fridge running? Better go catch it That meat your got on special at Aldi won’t be much good without refrigeration. Use your portable stove or BBQ and whip up a big meal with all the foods that’ll expire. Side note: if you’re like me and absolutely hopeless at cooking to start with, best to avoid this challenge.

Actually Using Your Art Therapy Colouring Book

Like many of us last Christmas, you probably received an adult colouring book – I know I sure did. How many pages have you coloured yet? Have you even opened it up? Dig out your connector pens from primary school, find a comfy spot in your house and embrace your creative side (we all have one).

Read Something

Whether you would rather smash through the Harry Potter series in one go, flick through a Where’s Wally book or the latest issue of a gossip magazine, there’s something for everyone. When was the last time you read something that wasn’t a status update? The possibilities are endless; take yourself on an adventure without leaving the warmth of your bed.

Clean Out Your Belongings

Yes, you’ve been putting it off for waaaay too long, but now is a better time than ever to pull out all your clothes and sort out which ones you don’t wear, which ones you’ve grown out of, and which ones you wouldn’t be caught dead in. All you need is a bit motivation and the ability to decide what you do and don’t want. You can donate your old clothes, have a garage sale or chuck them online if they’re worth something.

 And if all else fails, head to the closest McDonald’s and take advantage of their free wifi.