If you’ve ever worked in any sort of customer service role, particularly retail, you’ll know all too well the struggles of dealing with difficult customers.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of customers are a joy to serve, but there’s always those few that just lack manners, respect and common courtesy. While I am sure most of us are probably guilty of doing at least one of these things at one point in our lives (prior to working in retail and realising how annoying they are), these are the 20 biggest pet peeves that customers do:

1. Give you their spare change to pay with after they’ve already given you notes and you’ve finalised the sale

2. Stand at the checkout and talk to you about their life while there’s 10 people waiting in line behind them

3. Complain to the cashier about the price, as if the checkout chick themselves sets the prices herself

4. Asks for stock that’s sold out at your store to be delivered to your store because they don’t want to drive the extra distance to another one that has the item

5. Ask to use your staff toilet because they can’t be bothered to walk to the public restrooms

6. Yell for assistance as soon as they burst through the door


7. Make degrading comments directly at the cashier about their tattoos, piercings or hair colour

8. Assume it’s the cashier’s fault when their card is declined

9. Bang on the shop door a minute after closing

10. Decide they don’t want something in their basket and leave in on a random shelf

11. Stuff their rubbish in everything besides the bins provided

12. Completely ignore you when you say ‘How are you?’ or ‘How has your day been?’


13. Get angry because something is out of stock

14. Ask to get a sale price after the sale has finished

15. Talk on the phone while you’re serving them

16. Watch you put all of their items in a bag only for them to say ‘I don’t want a bag’

17. Complain because you don’t do a senior’s discount

18. Try and get a refund without any sort of proof of purchase

19. Take money straight out of their bra and give it to you

20. Pay for a $2 item with a $100 note

(Photo: dailymail.co.uk)