While the concept of learning through images has been around for years, in the modern digital world, infographics are building popularity, particularly on social media sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest.

In a nutshell, infographics are simply a visual representation of information or data, like a chart or a diagram, as a way of quickly communicating ideas to a wide audience. Not only do make learning things fun by being visually appealing, they make facts and figures easier to digest.

The world wide web is chock-a-block full of infographics on just about everything, so I’ve narrowed down 15 of my favourites to help you with all things you didn’t even realise you needed to know.

1. When you’re too lazy to leave bed but you still need to keep on top of your fitness:


2. If your work space is in desperate need of a makeover:


3. And while you’re at it, tackle that mountain of paperwork once and for all:


4. How to maximise your smartphone when you’re adventuring the world:


5. Speaking of travelling, this one will help you decide where to go and how to avoid potential dangers:


6. When you need that extra push to finish your to-do list:


7. How to de-clutter your life minimalist style:


8. Because coffee is so confusing:


9. For those of us (me) who have no idea when we should be washing our things:


10. When you need to take your bargain-hunting skills to the next level:


11. This one’s for every person who didn’t choose cooking as a subject in Year 8:


12. How to look after your car when you don’t have a dad/brother/boyfriend who will do it for you:
13. How to know which vitamins you need and what foods to eat to find them in:


14. When you’re about to post selfies from a wild night out with friends:


15. How to actually nail that interview for your dream job:


16. And finally, how to make sure your potential crib is crib-worthy: